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Here’s a 1937 shot of actors Philip Ahn and Soo Wong, entering a premiere. No information was attached to the photo other than the names, so we don’t know what movie this was. 

Here’s “Boy Wonder” Irving Thalberg (MGM studio exec) and his wife, actress Norma Shearer, standing by the big boss L.B. Mayer at the premiere of “Great Ziegfield” on April 18, 1936.

Superstar Marlene Dietrich and French star Jean Gabin at a premiere in March of 1943. This photo appears to have been taken shortly before they hit the red carpet.

At the “All About Eve” premiere, a smiling Bette Davis and her mom revel in fan applause, photo dated November 10, 1950.

Movie mogul Darryl F. Zanuck, production chief of Twentieth Century-Fox arriving at a 1951 movie premiere. Notice those fabulous polka-dots on her dress!

A movie called “Mudlark” now long-forgotten, brought out star Joe E. Brown and his family at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in 1951. 

Opening night at the opera in Los Angeles, just look at all the fur wraps! No date, we’re guessing this was in the late 30s.

And finally, furs are losing their appeal beginning in the 60s. But they still provide this starlet, Kathryn Crawford with a classy, sexy look. Her beau, fellow actor Lloyd Loftin accompanies her to the premiere of, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” in 1964.

The photo below is of ace Beverly Hills Detective Ray Border and several furs officers confiscated after the arrest of a fur thief. Many were purchased from the Teitelbaum Fur shop in Beverly Hills.