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So was this child’s father Charlie Chaplin? The mother said yes, the jury said yes, but Chaplin said no. Back in 1942, the Chaplin paternity scandal trial was front page news for weeks. The entire sordid story is detailed on p. 50 of the book Beverly Hills Confidential. Here’s his accuser, Joan Barry in court:

And here’s the jury, they were charmed by Chaplin, but in the end they decided (sans DNA tests in those days) that Chaplin was, indeed the dad and ordered him to pay child support.

Chaplin, who had a penchant for younger women, married playwright Eugene O’Neill’s daughter Oona O’Neill while his trials were ongoing. She was 18. Their marriage lasted 35 years and produced 8 children. Chaplin endured a few more real-life dramas, they are detailed on p. 52. Here are Before & After photos of the Chaplin, O’Neill marriage: